Vivianne Patricia
November 3rd, 2011 – 10:20am
4lbs 11oz


Mireille Désanges
November 3rd, 2011 – 10:23am
6lbs 4oz


The Captain Returns


So, Brandon recently celebrated his first birthday.

As Husband, Behbeh and I have been lucky enough to stay in contact with him and his amazing new family, we were invited to the party.

Good times (and good food) were had by all.

At said party, I joked to his mom about bio mom’s tendency to pop out a child every summer.

Me:  You’d better get ready for Baby #2.  I expect you’ll get a call from CAS any day now, wanting to place Brandon’s newest sibling.

B’s Mom:  Don’t even joke.   Can you imagine?  We’re just getting settled with this one!


About a week later, I got this email:

So you predicted right.
Guess who just gave birth to a little girl?
We have a huge decision to make.


And you know what’s crazier than having four babies in four years?
Four babies you don’t even want?
Crazier than CAS asking them if they want another child one year and 15 days younger than their first child?  With no prep time?




I can’t tell you how happy their decision has made me.

I know it’s going to be crazy for them over the next several months, but I can’t think of a better outcome for those kids than being together in that particular home.


I spend a lot of time being displeased by the world and the majority of the people in it.

This is not one of those times.


Sweet Nothings


While watching Kung-Fu Panda – the part when Crane mocks Poe for not being able to see his feet – the Love of My Life comments:

Husband:  Remind you of anyone?

Me:  (Sprawled out on the couch, looking down over my enormously pregnant belly)  What are you talking about?  I can totally see my feet.

Husband:  Yeah, but can you see your snatch?

Me: Not without a mirror.


And after a comment like that, neither will he.

12 weeks


So, it’s been three weeks since we found out that our sprout had company.

The shock has mostly worn off.

Okay, we’re still reeling.

All I can say is:  There better be at least one girl in there, because there is no way I’m sticking around in a household of four men.

My sister-in-law assures me that I have a 75% chance of having at least one girl  (25% g/g, 25% b/b, 50% b/g, for those interested) so that makes me a little happier.


I’m HUGE already.

With Gabe, I barely needed mat clothes until well into my 5th month.  With Thing 1 and Thing 2, I’ve been in stretchy pants for weeks.




Granted, some of it is chub, but MOST is baby…s.

I’m still getting used to talking in plural forms.

I’ve already seen my midwife twice, but unfortunately, it looks like that relationship will be limited this go-round.

Apparently, multiple births are considered high-risk and as such, my midwives have to differ to an OB.

Not only that, but my desire for a homebirth as given way to giving birth, not only in a hospital, but in an O.R.

I’m finding this pretty tough.  I already feel completely out of control when it comes to this pregnancy and it looks like I’m going to have a similar amount of control when it comes to my birth plan.


I’m hoping that if this pregnancy is picture perfect, the OB will be willing to sit quiet in a corner while my midwives deliver me.


$10 quilt – april block


So, I’m getting a little bored with my $10 quilt.

Not only are the colours less than inspiring (the rumour is, they ran out of fabric, so the choices have been whittled down to three), but the squares are SUPER EASY.

Sounds arrogant, I know,  but when a virtual beginner finds them simple, there’s something amiss.  I expected to be learning new techniques every month.

Anyhow, here’s Block #8