About Angela

My name is Angela. I am a 28 year old psych and criminology graduate, but I'd rather not diagnose you. I am a cuddle-slut. I can recite the entire script of The Princess Bride, (including accents) and believe that the meaning of life is contained within. Polyanna, Snap.com commercials, and Oprah 'reunion shows' make me cry. I can whistle and hum at the same time, but I cannot touch my toes. I am an expert in both listening and talking. I look good in orange. I am a writer. I kick ass in Gin, Hearts, and Cribbage but I don't understand Canasta or Bridge. I can be heard singing Broadway numbers from my shower, and have dressed up as a viking princess, (complete with aluminum foil breast plate) The Phantom of the Opera, and a Ghostbuster for Hallowe'en. I have a bird named Bean. I have a brother named Adam. They are not related. I like vanilla body lotion, peanut butter, saunas, Jim Carrey, broccoli, pets, TheOnion.com, Muppets, Kevin Smith, Corelle dishes, dry erase white-boards, Barenaked Ladies, Philosophy, the letter J, Harry Potter, picture frames, swimming, quilting, Michael Moore, genealogy, Raggedy Anne, tacky 50's tchotchke, 'Idiot's Complete Guide To' books, tweezers, feather pillows, polar dips, aquariums, Martin Luther King Jr., and Dr. Pepper. I don't like meat, gossips, cooked carrots, American Idol, mosquitoes, sweating, politics, public washrooms, tardiness, tuition, hunting, pat answers, pick up lines, brown bananas, cliches, pine scented air freshener, Kevin Costner, bacon, candied apples, pro-wrestling, humidity, and hypocrisy. Books I've read recently The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Dark Tower, When Nietzsche Wept, What's So Amazing About Grace?, Catcher in the Rye, Not Wanted On the Voyage, The Red Tent, The Little Prince, The Way the Crow Flies, Slaughterhouse-Five, The Poisonwood Bible, The Fall, The Knot of Vipers, Calculating God, The Chrysalids, Sick Puppy, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Franny and Zooey, The Brothers Karamazov, and jPod. I am slightly neurotic. No I'm not. Yes I am.

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  1. The first time I bought a pregnancy test, I could not find any cheap ones. I looked everywhere and the cheapest deal was 2 for £12. I used the first one with Bert — I waited until my period was 2 weeks late before peeing on it and it turned pink straight away. I used the second with Reggie — my periods were wonky because I was BFing and I was going to wait another week before using it, but I thought I had morning sickness (and I was right — and it didn’t go away for 9 months).

    I have since then snatched up 2 pairs of pregnancy tests from the pound shop. (And have no need to use them as of yet.)

    Again, let me say congratulations!!! I’m very excited for you. 😀

    • I took both tests really early in my pregnancy, so the lines barely even showed up. I ended up calling the # on the box and acting like an idiot as the nurse on the other end tried to convince me that I was, indeed, knocked up. Instead of, you know, dying of cancer, or something.

      Our local Dollar Store sells pregnancy tests too, (coincidently, they also sell condoms) but I forgot that when I bought my most recent one. $13 dollars later. Pfft.

      Thanks for the congrats. I’m thinking very pink thoughts, as I don’t relish the idea of being outnumbered in my home. Next thing you know, we’ll be going to moster truck rallies.

  2. I’m so glad you commented this post on Sarah’s blog, I’d otherwise not have known your wonderful, fabulous, exciting and adventurous news!

    Congratulations! Be well.


  3. Congrats, Angela! I actually read this several days ago but forgot to comment as I was too busy running to tell Nik the good news and then it slipped my mind until now. Perhaps now I can finally claim my prize from the baby pool back before Gabe was born. If I recall correctly the baby was the prize and now that you’re expecting, you have one to spare. I’m not picky. Either will suffice.
    Ever seen Sophie’s Choice? Suddenly feel like watching it again.

  4. Yeahhhh… When I saw this posted as a comment on my blog, I flipped. And then continued to do nothing about it since we had sworn ourselves to secrecy until this past Monday.

    A week apart, eh? Well, we know what you two were up to on or around Valentine’s Day…

    Also, it still blows my mind that you and Shannon are fast friends through the interwebs. Love it!

    • It’s hard to tell. Most nights, we’re at it like rabbits. 😉

      And Shannon and I (and more recently Shannon’s sister in law, Naomi) are now fast friends in REAL LIFE. We get together once in a blue moon to eat and chat.

      Shannon is my best Apple Butter customer.

      More like a week and a half, but as I haven’t had my dating ultrasound yet, it’s all guess work.

      Names yet? Zooey, for instance?

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