At least I think it’s him


  So, I’m one of those girls that crushed.

On everyone.


Not particularly flattering for the guy in question, but there you have it.

Every so often, I decide to track down one of the objects of my former affection to see how they’ve turned out.

Married father of eight or confirmed bachelor?

Saving the rain forests or jailed for tampering with the girl next door?


The latest victim of my stalking whim.

Steven Pigozzo.

The final year of high school saw me in the Music Store where he worked.

His beauty actually caused my limbs to stop working.

I, a calm, collected vision of tranquility, dropped the CD (Jewel – Pieces of You) I’d been about to purchase and stood there gaping at him.

Bug eyes.

Mouth open.

Very attractive.

Then I made the colossal mistake of telling a friend about him.

Sarah, bless her pea-pickin’ heart, made me a hemp and putty necklace with his name on it and tracked him down with the purpose of finding me a prom date.

Now, not only am I a girl that has a serious (read: totally superficial) infatuation with someone they know only as That Guy From HMV, but I’m one that needs a Love Life Liason.

Thanks. A. Lot.

He’s still rather pretty, though, isn’t he?


About Angela

My name is Angela. I am a 28 year old psych and criminology graduate, but I'd rather not diagnose you. I am a cuddle-slut. I can recite the entire script of The Princess Bride, (including accents) and believe that the meaning of life is contained within. Polyanna, commercials, and Oprah 'reunion shows' make me cry. I can whistle and hum at the same time, but I cannot touch my toes. I am an expert in both listening and talking. I look good in orange. I am a writer. I kick ass in Gin, Hearts, and Cribbage but I don't understand Canasta or Bridge. I can be heard singing Broadway numbers from my shower, and have dressed up as a viking princess, (complete with aluminum foil breast plate) The Phantom of the Opera, and a Ghostbuster for Hallowe'en. I have a bird named Bean. I have a brother named Adam. They are not related. I like vanilla body lotion, peanut butter, saunas, Jim Carrey, broccoli, pets,, Muppets, Kevin Smith, Corelle dishes, dry erase white-boards, Barenaked Ladies, Philosophy, the letter J, Harry Potter, picture frames, swimming, quilting, Michael Moore, genealogy, Raggedy Anne, tacky 50's tchotchke, 'Idiot's Complete Guide To' books, tweezers, feather pillows, polar dips, aquariums, Martin Luther King Jr., and Dr. Pepper. I don't like meat, gossips, cooked carrots, American Idol, mosquitoes, sweating, politics, public washrooms, tardiness, tuition, hunting, pat answers, pick up lines, brown bananas, cliches, pine scented air freshener, Kevin Costner, bacon, candied apples, pro-wrestling, humidity, and hypocrisy. Books I've read recently The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Dark Tower, When Nietzsche Wept, What's So Amazing About Grace?, Catcher in the Rye, Not Wanted On the Voyage, The Red Tent, The Little Prince, The Way the Crow Flies, Slaughterhouse-Five, The Poisonwood Bible, The Fall, The Knot of Vipers, Calculating God, The Chrysalids, Sick Puppy, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Franny and Zooey, The Brothers Karamazov, and jPod. I am slightly neurotic. No I'm not. Yes I am.

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  1. One former crush that I never pursued because he was (what seemed at the time) too old for me sent me his wedding pictures. His wife is four years younger than I am. Bah. It’s my exes that do the interesting things. One has written several treatises on extraterrestrials. Another is on his second marraige, has one child out of wedlock, and has a conviction for credit card fraud. Another took up with a sixteen year old. Aah yes.

  2. So, you inspired me to google my longest h.s. crush. I found this guy

    The thing is, he looks somewhat like the Edson Castillo I remember, but after 17 years, my memory might be a little fuzzy – and there’s no bio posted. However, the modelling agency is out of Chicago, and we grew up in the ‘burbs, so it’s entirely possible. Edson would walk past, and entire herds of teenage girls would fall silent. He dated pretty girls, stayed out of the petty scandals, was neither smart nor stupid, and I never, ever heard him bullying or putting down another student – from my worshipping-from-afar-cuz-I-was-an-awkward-nerd position, he seemed to be a genuinely NICE guy.

    *sqeak* Good chocolate – what if that really IS my h.s. fantasy man?!

  3. Only through the agency – and that would make either one of us look like a wacko stalker.

    Dear Cute-Guy Pimping Agency,

    I think I might have drooled over Edson Castillo while I was in high school. Can you tell me if the model who works for you is from Streamwood, IL and attended Streamwood High School from 1985-1989? If so, is he still single, and how does he feel about big girls?


    Good gawd – it’s bad enough I was socially inept back then

    • ummm…maybe i am way too late in posting a reply (just saw this!)…but that Edson Castillo is THE Edson Castillo that you crushed on. Everything you wrote about that boy is true. He was always a great guy..just happened to be really easy on the eyes too– so it was way easy to crush on him. I should know…I was very fortunate to date him when we were 17 🙂

      • i was googling my guy trying to find some old pics for his bday party and from the stewart talent agency link came up your posts. i had to smile at your comments 🙂 yes that is edson and he is now 40 years old and looks the same as he did way back then, AND sweet as ever. i dont blame you girls for having a crush on edson. he has been my boyfriend for over two years and i count my lucky stars everyday. he is doing great by the way and as i said before hasn’t change a bit, in the most delightful of ways!!! ngs

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